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Port Byron CCYO Basketball consists of boys and girls from 2nd grade through 8th grade. We play teams from Auburn, Cato, Jordan Elbridge, Moravia, Skaneateles, Southern Cayuga, Union Springs, and Weedsport.  

The objective of the Port Byron CCYO is to provide a basketball program for our children. Our primary purpose is for our children to have fun while experiencing the physical and educational development offered by participation in a well supervised, competitive team sport.

We believe that winning has been over emphasized in many organized children's sports programs, and that ultimately this will have a negative effect on the child's long term enjoyment of sports. Our philosophy stresses maximum participation along with playing for the joy of playing. The program is strictly a recreational activity, providing opportunities for our children to have fun, to grow, and to learn lifelong experiences in leadership, teamwork, and character.

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